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Candy Glitter

Candy Glitter Vital Stats:

Femdom & Findom legend. Join the Candy Cult. Femdom, Fetish & Financial Domination Princess.

Candy Glitter Updates

Candy Glitter
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POV: You’ve decided to seek help in regard to your confidence issues. You end up speaking with an attractive female professional, and she quickly discerns that you are a creepy pervert with a small penis and a host of bizarre sexual proclivities. From there, it’s not hard for her to reach a diagnosis....

Tags: Femdom Humiliation Small Penis Humiliation
Findom Tease
Candy Glitter
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I am fucking phenomenal at taking things from you. Although, to be fair, it’s fairly easy, for me at least. You love doing it. You love emptying your wallet. You love draining your bank account. You love opening new credit cards for me. I think that’s why we’re a perfect match. I have an undying...

Tags: Femdom Financial Domination Tease
Porn Is Your Purpose
Candy Glitter
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What other purpose would you possibly have, anyway? You don’t want anything else. You’re not allowed anything else. You buy my clips. You send me tributes. You jerk for my content. You worship. You watch porn. What else is there for you? Nothing. There’s nothing else for you, and you know it. You...

Tags: Femdom Gooning
No Stroking Allowed
Candy Glitter
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This is a privilege though. This is a form of attention from Princess Candy, and you love to lap up anything you can possibly get from me. And holy fuck, there’s a bonus for you as well. You get to be TEASED by my perfect body, in addition to your stroking ban. That’s WAY fucking more than you deserve....

Tags: Chastity Denial Femdom
Euphoric Ripoff
Candy Glitter
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All ripoffs are euphoric for you though, aren’t they? Nothing makes your head spin with pleasure the way PAYING ME does. You can’t get enough. Everything else in your life becomes meaningless when you think of it compared to being my little pay drone.

Tags: Femdom Financial Domination Ripoff
Locked Little Loser
Candy Glitter
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Your cage is driving you fucking crazy, isn’t it? You’re inconceivably horny, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t cum. You can’t stroke. You can’t really touch your dick to the normal full extent. You can’t even get a proper erection with that cage on, can you? Well, I have...

Tags: Chastity Femdom Humiliation
Sabotaging Your Mind
Candy Glitter
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There are these ideas that so many men have. They hold on to this notion of themselves as… someone “normal”. These thoughts might be clear and present in your mind right now. Or, they might be distorted echoes that are already beginning to lose their meaning to you. I don’t really care, because...

Tags: Femdom Financial Domination Mindfuck
Embrace Gooning
Candy Glitter
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Have you tried to push this habit away? Have you tried to tell yourself that this is something you could or should quit? Well, fucking stop it. That’s not what you want. Why am I even telling you this? You know. You know EXACTLY what you want. Everything else is bullshit compared to gooning for Princess...

Tags: Femdom Gooning Mindfuck