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Candy Glitter

Candy Glitter Vital Stats:

Femdom & Findom legend. Join the Candy Cult. Femdom, Fetish & Financial Domination Princess.

Candy Glitter Updates

Lonely Little Beta
Candy Glitter
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You don’t do anything but jerk your unappealing little dick. You don’t want anything else, and you don’t deserve anything else. Jerking is your sex life, and that’s the way it ought to be. You’re truly nothing but a sad, pathetic, lonely little beta.

Tags: Femdom Humiliation
Addicted To Addiction
Candy Glitter
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It’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it? It’s a positive feedback loop that you can literally never escape. The hornier you get, the more you jerk. The more you jerk, the stronger your dependency becomes. And this is the fucked up part. The stronger your dependency becomes, the hornier you get. This never...

Tags: Femdom
Jerk Your Way Into A Divorce
Candy Glitter
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Candy Glitter doesn’t care about your marriage. It sound super fucking boring to me, and you obviously agree. You’d rather jerk off to my clips than do anything that’s in any way related to your wife. So, what’s holding up your divorce? Get your cock out, and make it happen....

Tags: Femdom Home Wrecking
Never Again
Candy Glitter
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The fact that some woman allowed you to stick your unfortunate cock inside of her body is unfathomable to me. I’m sure that it’s unfathomable to her, as well. It probably feels like some kind of nightmare to her. And to you… I’m sure it feels unreal as well. I mean, it’s sort of like a cosmic...

Tags: Denial Femdom Virgin Humiliation
You Can Never Touch Me
Candy Glitter
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I feel like tormenting you today. I’m going to show you how hot I am, and give you a quick reminder that you could never conceive of touching me. I’m perfect, and you’re pathetic.

Tags: Denial Femdom
Little Dicked Loser
Candy Glitter
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Just the thumbnail of this clip is probably making your tiny little dick so fucking hard. Do you think any woman would ever dress up like that for a small penis like yours? Obviously not. I’m wearing this because I have a date with a real man this evening. I’m wearing it for him and his big alpha...

Tags: Femdom Small Penis Humiliation
Reactivating Your Gooning Addiction
Candy Glitter
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You thought you could escape your series of various addictions. You’ve been entertaining the idea of living a normal life. Deep down (or maybe not so deep down), you know that all of that stuff is stupid, fantastical, unrealistic nonsense. So, let’s cut the facade, and dive back in. I’m everywhere,...

Tags: Femdom Gooning
Cuckold Acceptance
Candy Glitter
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You know that you are unworthy of pussy. Pussy is meant for real men. Alphas, and not beta losers, deserve pussy. Are you still holding on to the notion that you may still lose your virginity? Well, let it go, because you’re a beta bitch, and pussy is beyond your grasp. Real men get to fuck. Real men...

Tags: Cuckolding Femdom