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Censored For Beta Losers

You’ll never convince a woman to give you access to her body. That goes without saying, of course. You have no chance of ever interacting sexually with anyone who has a pussy. That ship has sailed for you. But there’s another step to be taken. You undoubtedly have seen a lot of fully nude women in your life, and the time has come for that habit to come to an end. You know you don’t deserve pussy. You don’t deserve tits. You don’t deserve ass. You don’t deserve to touch them, of course, but I think you don’t deserve to look at them, either. Do you think you deserve to see my body in its full uncensored glory? Of course you fucking don’t. Alphas get to see me naked. You only get to see me when my body is covered, or censored, with all my parts obscured from view. You’re a loser, and you only get to watch censored porn for losers. Pussy isn’t for beta losers. CENSORED PORN ONLY.
Censored For Beta Losers

Ride The Edge

Your cock is aching and throbbing. Are you dripping precum? You probably want to cum. But you probably also have an idea no what I’m thinking. Obviously, I don’t want you to cum. I’m not going to let you. I’m going to make you hold it in. Edge. Goon. Deny yourself as long as possible. Pump for me. Be a good boy for my beautiful ass. I make you so fucking desperate, don’t I? Jerk me you. Tease yourself. Get right up to your breaking point. You’re weak. You’re mindless. You’re mine. You do what I tell you, and right now I’m telling you to ride the edge.
Ride The Edge

Findom Relapse

You’ve tried so many times to quit findom. You’ve spend so much money on financial domination. Sometimes you don’t like to think about how much you’ve spent, but then other times you REALLY like to think about it. It really turns you on. I’m sure you’ve jerked off just thinking about how much you’ve sent and spent. You have little bursts of time where you stroke and spend over and over, you cum SO hard during these little binges. But then, you start to think it would be better for you if you stopped. You get this idea in your head that perhaps you can function, sexually, without financial domination. I think that’s funny. This fetish isn’t something that you CHOOSE to participate in. This financial domination fetish is hard wired into your brain. It’s inescapable. If you think you can just quit findom, you’re mistaken. This is what turns you on the most. You’re here right now because you don’t want to quit. You want to go hard. You want to relapse-fantasy. You want to send and spend. You’re already hard at the thought. Give in to your financially submissive urges. Don’t try to hold back. RELAPSE-FANTASY for me. You’re no match for me, you’re no match for your own findom addiction. Stroke your cock if you want to pay me.
Findom Relapse

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Your Only Purpose Is Paying

What else could possibly be good for? You don’t have any other way to get my attention, do you? No, your money is the only thing I care about. Just remember that. If you ever find yourself pulling away from the findom lifestyle, remember that you have no other redeeming qualities. Outside of your wallet, nothing about you is interesting to me, or to any other person you might encounter. You are simply an ATM. Your purpose is paying.
Your Only Purpose Is Paying

Wait For The Cum Countdown

Start edging your cock. You’re going to try to keep up with my instructions. Do you think you can do exactly as I tell you? Do you think you can follow my instructions to a tee? If so, there’s a slim chance that I may grant you permission to have an orgasm. However, I don’t know if you have what it takes. You might be too slow. You may not be able to follow closely enough. But I guess we’ll see. Keep your hand where I tell you, and wait for the cum countdown.
Wait For The Cum Countdown

Life Of A Loser

Your life is really pathetic. Look at you. You're a total fucking loser. You're a miserable failure. You sit at home refreshing my twitter page, constantly checking my clip store with your cock in hand waiting to see if I've posted a new clip. Your existence is pitiful. You don't even realize how much your day to day life differs compared to a real man. You are so stuck in this cycle of jerking and obsessing that you don't even realize there are real men out there who can get attention from women like me without paying. It seems like a foreign concept to you. At least you realize that this is what you deserve in life. Sitting at home stroking waiting for a reply from me. It's a never ending cycle. You should be thanking me for giving your stupid loser life meaning. You should be thanking me for making your loser life worth living. Embrace your place at my feet, because as a loser, this is the best it's going to get for you. So fucking pathetic.
Life Of A Loser

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Loser Affirmation Task

You exist to serve me and by my little loser boy. You’re going to watch this clip, and wait with bated breath for me to tell you what the task is. You hang off my every fucking word. Doesn’t it feel so good to be my submissive little jerk junkie idiot? Buy this clip, and get ready to affirm your status as a beta loser.
Loser Affirmation Task

I Cum, You Don't

You might not be an alpha, dominant man. You might not be a man of great talent or social value. But there is one thing you’re really good at. There’s one skill that’s really difficult, that you’ve honed quite nicely. You’re really good at not cumming. You’re really good at doing as you’re told, when you’re told. I know how much you want to cum. I know how tempting it is to stroke your cock to completion. But guess what? Right now, that’s not allowed. I’m telling you no, and you’re going to obey me. You don’t get to cum. I do, you don’t. I’m perfect, and I do as I please. You’re a beta, and you ALSO do as I please. Deal with it.
I Cum, You Don't

My Tiny Little Bikini Makes You Want To Goon

This tiny little bikini makes you want to goon, doesn’t it? Just seeing me in this itty bitty bikini makes you completely weak. When you see me wearing something this skimpy, you instantly enter the goon mindset, and are compelled to instantly start stroking. And… There’s really no reason to fight it. Gooning is what you’re meant for. So go ahead. Get your dick out, and GOON for me in my tiny little bikini.
My Tiny Little Bikini Makes You Want To Goon

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Gooners Buy This Again

Coming 08/23/2022

You’re fucking jerking right now, aren’t you, you little gooner? If you’re not, you’re about to be. Get your cock out and get ready to burn through the next several hours of your day for me. Your cock belongs to Princess Candy.
Gooners Buy This Again

Pay For My Attention

Coming 08/23/2022

Do you know why I’m so successful? It’s because my attention is extremely valuable, and everyone knows it. I’m intimidating, and hot, and I attract attention from others. Do I reciprocate though? No. Not unless you’re an attractive alpha male. And that’s not you. I can make that statement purely on virtue of the fact that you’re reading this right now. If you saw me, or someone like me in public, you’d want to approach, but would obviously not be able to. Your subconscious mind wouldn’t allow it. You know deep down that someone like you can never get free attention from someone like me. No. You have to pay for it.
Pay For My Attention

What's Yours Is Mine

Coming 08/23/2022

You know the phrase “What’s mine is yours”. It’s the standard indicator that generous people use to express their willingness to share with others. What’s the opposite of generous, though? Fucking greedy, and that’s what I am. I’m greedy as fuck, and I’m entitled to everything you have. In a sense, you’re the generous one here. I mean, traditionally, generosity is something people have out of the goodness of their hearts. Your version comes from the horniness of your dick. So, it’s not exactly the same, but I don’t really give a fuck. I get to take everything you have, and that makes me happy.
What's Yours Is Mine

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Pump The Pain Away

Coming 08/30/2022

You’re going to make your balls ache. You’re going to torment your own balls per usual, but you’re also going to be stroking your cock. I’m wondering… Do you think you can counteract that pain of CBT by stroking your cock simultaneously? Should be interesting to find out. Think of this as a CBT experiment, and think of yourself as a cock stroking guinea pig. Yes, this should be very enlightening. Get your cock out, follow my orders, and start stroking. See if it’s possible to pump the pain away.
Pump The Pain Away

Ten Seconds To Cum Mindfuck

Coming 08/30/2022

You love it when I control your orgasms. You love it even better when I deny you. Do you think you can cum in ten seconds?
Ten Seconds To Cum Mindfuck

Guaranteed Orgasm

Coming 08/30/2022

Watch this with your aching throbbing cock in your hand. I’m going to make it explode.
Guaranteed Orgasm

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